Merit Badge Counselors

List of Troop 21 Merit Badge Counselors (Jan 2013)

Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor

Begin by looking at the list of merit badges on-line or in a Scout Book and see which merit badges you are qualified to teach. Cross-check the merit badges you are qualified to teach against the directory above. We would love to recruit counselors for any of the merit badges for which we do not have any current counselors and we can always use additional counselors for Eagle-Required and other popular merit badges.

You may be qualified to teach a merit badge based on your vocation or profession (i.e. if you are a certified plumber, you are obviously qualified to teach Plumbing MB). You may also be qualified to teach a merit badge based on a hobby, pastime or pursuit (i.e. I am not a professional ski instructor; however, inasmuch as I have skied for 46 years, I claim to be qualified to teach winter sports merit badge). If you don’t know anything about Nuclear Energy, it is not recommended you apply to become a MB Counselor for Nuclear Science MB.

If you decide to apply to become a registered MB Counselor, we suggest you register for ten or fewer merit badges. The Denver Area Council does not usually scrutinize applications whereby a parent applies to become a counselor for ten or fewer merit badges, however, a red flag goes up if you apply to become a counselor for more than 10 merit badges.

To become a Merit Badge Counselor, you will have to complete the following:
· Register with the Denver Area Council as an Adult Leader (annually)
· Complete Merit Badge Counselor Training (one time)
· Complete the Merit Badge Registration Form (annually)
· Complete Youth Protection Training – Online, 20 minutes (bi-annually)

  1. Go to:
  2. ‘Sign in to MyScouting’ or ‘Create an Account’
  3. Click on E-learning
  4. Take ‘Youth Protection Training’

Please speak to Doug Sandridge or Karen Snyder to further assist you in the application process.

BSA Introductory Guide for Merit Badge Counselors

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